Sahalie® – Our Story Starts Here


Sahalie is the latest evolution of the Early Winters® catalog that began in 1972.

In the early 70s, two climbers decided to take on a huge granite spire in the Cascade Mountain Range in northern Washington—the Early Winters Spire. That night a winter storm hit. When morning light broke, tent poles and bits of nylon were scattered everywhere. The storm had blown their hasty camp to bits!  While picking up the pieces, the two had a great idea: to design and manufacture equipment that could satisfy the demanding needs of intrepid outdoorsmen like themselves. They started their own outdoor company, and named it after the place where it all began, Early Winters. Over the years, Early Winters  was known for amazing tent designs (the “Omnipotent” is a legend in the outdoor industry) and fantastic design concepts with the newly invented Gore-TEX®.

Two decades later Early Winters became part of the Norm Thompson family. For more than a decade the catalog continued to proudly bear the Early Winters moniker, offering outdoor wear, gear and fashions for weekend warriors.

In 2004 Early Winters shifted its perspective and transformed into Sahalie. We’re no longer climbing granite spires, but we are reaching new heights when it comes to offering comfortable, casual clothing for spirited, active-minded women and men. Instead of tents, we’re best known for our Wooby® sweaters, ButterFleece tops and bottoms, Saturday Market Tees, Wild Thangs socks and so much more.

“Sahalie” comes from the Chinook people of the Pacific Northwest, it translates to “a high and lofty place.” We envision that place as anywhere or anything that removes you from the “daily grind”.
It‘s the way we choose to live: relaxed and informal, with an undeniable thirst for adventure.

Sahalie. Getting off the beaten path since 1972.

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