Discovering Imperial Stock Ranch

Ok, we admit it: all of us at Sahalie are a pretty picky lot. Before an item is allowed into our catalogs or placed on our website, it undergoes a through review and judging. (Is it special enough? Does it look good? Feel good? Will it endure? What’s its story?). We love the unique, the undiscovered, the one-of-a-kind. So when we heard about Imperial Stock Ranch we knew we’d found something special.

Imperial Stock Ranch Grassland

Located in the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon, the Imperial Stock Ranch is a historical landmark encompassing thousands of acres of healthy, thriving grasslands, waterways and animal life.

Imperial Stock Ranch Sheep in Oregon

Guided by a simple philosophy “Be kind to the earth and it will repay you” the Imperial Stock Ranch is proof that sustainability is a viable, attainable way of life. Sheep roam freely, spending sunlit days grazing on lush, naturally grown grasses. This idyllic existence not only makes for happy sheep—it makes for superior wool.

Imperial Stock Ranch Spinning Wool

A few years ago, the ranch fell on hard times, as did many farmers across the country. But, with a fierce determination and unbridled passion for their legacy, Imperial Stock Ranch expanded their business from supplying raw wool to spinning their own line of natural yarn of an impeccable quality.

Imperial Stock Ranch Dogs

Of course, if the sustainable farming practices, free-range sheep and rich history weren’t enough to win us over, the dogs of the Imperial Stock Ranch completely stole our hearts! Raised among their woolly friends, these dutiful herd dogs tap into their natural pack instincts to keep the sheep safe. (Prior to adopting these pooches in 1999, the ranch lost almost 40% of the flock’s lambs to predator every year! Thanks to these canine protectors, the number has dropped to nearly zero).

Imperial Stock Ranch Wool Sweater and DIY Bag

Although Sahalie is not the first to discover the Imperial Stock Ranch (Ralph Lauren chose its wool for the U.S. Team’s cardigans worn during the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony!), we are proud to support this homegrown business and its sustainable way of life. Check out their beautiful hat, sweater, gloves, blanket and DIY bag here.

Stop by Sahalie today and indulge in this singular, American-made treasure.

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